Today, WebMD released its latest version of the popular and highly-rated Medscape app, this time for Android. The Android version released today and announced by iMedicalApps in mid-December comes only days after the same app was released on the iPad.

Android users now gain access to a must-have reference and news source that was previously only available on Apple products — did we mention the application is free? Just one of the reasons it has proven wildly popular.

Additionally – and more interestingly – the release of this app by WebMD indicates the growing importance and legitimacy of Android in the medical arm of the mobile device world. WebMD, by devoting time and resources to the development of Medscape for Android, has essentially let its large voice be heard in the discussion of whether or not Android is a contender for the attention of medical professionals.

The message? It is one that is becoming ever more common and loud: Android is here to stay.  The following review of Medscape will look at the features of the app on the Android platform.

Performance Test:

Medscape is 6.86MB in size, depending on our Android phone, this could be considered a small or large sized app. In testing today on an Android device, Medscape runs smoothly without glitches or forced shut-downs — something that does not ring true of many other medical apps on the Android platform. It looks and acts more like the iPhone app than the iPad app. Even with other apps running on my phone the multimedia files open quickly; transitions from page to page are surprisingly fast.


For extensive detail and description of the major features, please refer to our reviews of the iPhone and iPad versions. In brief, this app has the same content—drug reference and interaction checker, disease reference, procedure and protocol guidance, and medical news—that propelled it to number one on our list of free iPhone apps for medical professionals.

Disease and Condition Reference:

Evidence-based, clinically-relevant information, guidelines, and multimedia regarding more than 4000 diseases and medical conditions.

Drug Reference:

A large database of drugs, including more than 1000 herbals and supplements and more than 6000 generic and brand name drugs. Useful tools include dosing and prescribing guidelines, adverse effects, and pregnancy safety information.