Pubmed Clip:

(Price: $4.99/EUR 3.99)

After the first two apps, Pubmed Clip was quite refreshing. It is the most recent addition to the app store of the six, and its interface triumphs that of all the others. In addition it features some sharing options not found in any other apps. It does basic searches, but also has a graphical interface for advanced searches with 36 fields and 8 limits that can be set and which can be stored for later use. A search history is logged, with search results remaining accessible offline, and full-text articles can be accessed from within the app. The bookmarking facility is very complete, with customizable folders and searching by journal or author name.

On the sharing front it really shines, it supports the posting of data via email or to Twitter, Facebook and Evernote. By email, you can send the references in RIS format, so that they can be imported in your favorite reference manager instead of staying stuck on your mobile device.PubMed Clip is a universal application, so it should work on the iPad as well. However, we were getting frequent, cryptic error messages for even the most basic taps. The iPad version needs more work.

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