(subscription $4.99/6 months)

Feature wise, Orkov is a better option, however it comes with a big catch. The app itself can be installed for free. However when first starting the app, some telling signs are showing up: it requires you to agree to a long license agreement. Then after two weeks, your trial period suddenly ends (happened to us halfway through writing this review) and you need to buy an expensive subscription to continue using the app, of which the cost is only mentioned once you start the subscribing process.

There is no iPad version and EZproxy is not supported. As we did not opt to buy the subscription, we weren’t able to further review the app’s interface, although we can mention the app crashed a few times in the short period we were able to run it.


iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/orkov/id336927484?mt=8