The transition to a mobile and technology based medical curriculum continues with another announcement of a medical school giving students iPads.

University of Central Florida medical students all received iPads just before the Christmas holidays. The iPads were part of a local philanthropists gift to the students and will be part of a two year research study on the use of technology in medical education.

University of Central Florida’s medical school is relatively new, starting in 2009 with 40 students and enrolling 60 in 2010. Unlike other medical schools — Stanford and UC Irvine — that have given out iPads to only their first year medical students, all 100 medical students at UCF received iPads.

With UC-Irvine and Stanford Schools of Medicine in full gear integrating a technology based curriculum to mobile platforms, in this case, the iPad — and UCF adding themselves to the mix, medical educators should be excited by the data these schools will be releasing in the future about their experiences.

Make sure to read feature articles we have done on Stanford and UC-Irvine — explaining how their students have been using the iPad for med school.

Link: Press Release from UCF