Epocrates users for Android can rejoice, while Palm Web OS users are feeling the exact opposite, and iPad users are currently on hold.  Epocrates just informed us they have released premium versions of their medical reference software for Android version 1.6 and higher operating systems.

Epocrates Essentials, their flagship product, is something many health care professionals with Android phones have been waiting some time for — it offers fantastic disease monographs and images, something we’ve chronicled in our iPhone review.  Prior to this you could only use Epocrates Rx on Android, the free version of Epocrates.

We’ve been fairly critical of Epocrates for taking so long to release an Android version when Skyscape, Lexi-Comp, and many others have had premium medical reference tools on the Android platform for months and some even more than a year.

Epocrates has obviously lost out on a large amount of subscriptions due to the extended wait — but they are still considered by many to be the gold standard when it comes to medical reference tools, and this product should be a success. At the end of this post we’ve included a video Epocrates has made of the product in action, and we’ll have a full iMedicalApps review of Epocrates Essential within a few days.

We’ve also spoken with Epocrates about their lack of support for the iPad — technically you can use Epocrates on the iPad, but you have to “2x” the screen size, making the experience unpleasant.  They have assured us it’s coming soon and something that has been in the works. For those that don’t want to continue waiting, Skyscape, Lexi-Comp and others have had medical reference tools for the iPad since basically its release.

On a more somber note, for Palm OS device holders with Epocrates — Epocrates has e-mailed their Web OS users informing them they will no longer be supporting their devices.

Epocrates e-mail to WebOS users:

Due to the relatively low interest level among our user base, Epocrates has decided to discontinue support of the Palm® webOS™ platform for smartphones.

There will be one last clinical update in mid-December and we will notify you as soon as it is available. If you need to install or update the product, please do so by 2/1. On that date, we will remove the application from the App Catalog.

You can keep access to Epocrates content through our online site , which is optimized for your mobile device. Please note this will require Internet access. Also, if you are in the process of deciding on a new device, we encourage you to look at Epocrates products on iPhone® and iPod touch® and Android™ devices — with quick access to all you need at the point of care.

The Epocrates Rx® for Palm webOS application will cease to work in May. At that time, the app will not open and will cease to function.

Please see our FAQ for additional information.

Epocrates Essentials on the Android:

Link: Epocrates Essentials for Android Phones