7. Skyscape: RxDrugs and OCM (Outlines in Clinical Medicine)

Skyscape has a lot of potential, and it’s done a great job of flooding the mobile market place with medical apps that are useful. We’ve reviewed many Skyscape products on iMedicalApps before: Washington Manual of Medicine, Pocket Medicine – the “Red Book”, and 5 minute clinical consult. The free offerings from Skyscape are in the form of RxDrugs and OCM.  RxDrugs is basically a drug reference tool, while OCM (outlines of Clinical Medicine) is somewhat like the disease pathology information offered by Medscape, except in a more difficult format to use.  And there inlies the issue with these Skyscape apps — great content, but overall user interface experience is lacking.  The apps don’t flow as well as the other drug and clinical disease reference apps mentioned prior. Nevertheless, the apps do contain solid content, and are ranked high on our list because of this. Also, when you download these apps you get Skyscape’s Archimides calculator, an overall solid calculator.  The below pictures show some clinical reference tools in action.  For iPad users you’ll be happy to know Skyscape has all of these apps formatted specifically for the iPad as well.


– iTunes Link to Skyscape RxDrugs – iTunes Link to Skyscape OCM (Outlines in Clinical Medicine)

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