13. Radiopaedia – Radiology Teaching Files – Lite

In our top 20 list we have excluded “Lite” versions of apps except for one — we had to include Radiopaedia. The application is based on the website, Radiopaedia.org — a free radiology resource written by the radiology community. The full versions of the apps have more cases, but even the Lite versions are packed with some worthwhile content – most containing 10 free cases to go through. There are five free “Lite” versions of the app: Brain Radiology, Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary, Musculoskeletal, Pediatrics, Chest, and Head and Neck. In the gallery of pictures below we have shown the Lite version of the Brain Radiology version, which contains 10 free cases. For our full review of the iPad version of Radiopaedia Teaching files click here.


Radiopaedia website containing iTunes Links to each case series.

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