The Physician Editors now have an updated version of the top 20 free iPhone medical apps list.  

Earlier in the year we released a “Top 10 Free iPhone Medical Apps” list.  Since then we’ve gotten multiple requests from readers asking us to update the original list.  But when we researched for free medical apps, we were impressed to find many new free ones worth downloading — causing us to make a new Top 20 list.  Just like the last best medical apps list, this list isn’t based on the most downloaded free medical apps in the App Store or on iTunes star ratings.  If you look in the Apple App Store at the current top 10 downloaded free medical apps, the category is still littered with apps called “Dream Meanings”, “Relax Ocean Waves”, and “Beauty List” — worthless to medical professionals.  This list contains no such apps. Methods: This list was compiled by the senior editors at iMedicalApps — a practicing physician, resident physician, and 4th year medical student.  Over 1,000 free medical apps were parsed through for the formation of this list.  Except for one app – “Lite”, or trial versions of apps were excluded from this list. Some of the apps that were included in our original list didn’t make the current top 20 list — make sure to read the old list if you want to see the excluded apps. Sidebar: If you want free apps, make sure to “Like” us on our Facebook fan page and follow us on Twitter — where we give out tons of free medical apps on our wall.  You can also find interesting commentary on these platforms and it’s where we interact with our readers:, Due to the numerous pictures of each app, in depth comments, and the systematic nature of this list, each app has it’s own page.  Continue on to access the official iMedicalApps top 20 free iPhone Medical Apps List for medical professionals (iOS4 platform):