Yesterday, the folks at Practice Fusion announced they had passed an impressive milestone. There are now 5 million patients, or 2% of the US population, that are being served by physicians using this rapidly expanding EHR.

Just three years after our free, web-based EMR’s official launch, we now serve 50,000 medical professionals and 5 million patients. Practice Fusion’s growth has accelerated so that we add more than half a million patients to the system each month. We now serve almost 2 percent of the US population, making us the third largest EHR community behind the VA and Kaiser.

We had previously reported on an alliance between Dell and Practice Fusion to offer hardware bundles to physicians adopting Practice Fusion. While this milestone does not immediately impact mobile medical apps, the growing Practice Fusion community will surely be looking for ways to access their patients’ records on the go. In October, Practice Fusion launched their “API Challenge”, to open up the data in Practice Fusion to other devices and software applications. The publishing of this API will launch a new phase in the company’s explosive growth and undoubtedly mobile solutions will be among the first crop to be launched. We are excited to see what comes next.