Mayo Clinic’s Stroke Telemedicine program for Arizona Rural Residents is utilizing a mobile medical application, ResolutionMD Mobile, to help diagnose and treat stroke in patients located in rural areas.

We have mentioned ResolutionMD Mobile extensively on iMedicalApps – the application uses a cloud based system to pull radiology images from a server – the images can then be manipulated on a mobile phone just as they can on a desktop station – except on the mobile phone multi-touch gestures can be used to zoom and change brightness and contrast. Currently the application is available on the iPhone and the Android.

In the current telemedicine program, Mayo Clinic’s neurologists are connected to seven remote hospitals. Once imaging is done in the remote hospitals, Mayo’s neurologists can help in the decision making process for the patients. In the acute setting of stroke, whether to give TPA or other clot busting medications is extremely time sensitive – meaning quick and smart decision making is essential to the best outcomes.

Of note, some Mayo Clinic neurologists prefer to view the images on their mobile phones because they are quicker to access than on their desktop stations.

To those concerned about the regulatory bodies, ResolutionMD Mobile was recently FDA approved.
Source: CIO News

iTunes – Resolution MD Mobile
Android – Resolution MD Mobile