Each week more than 20,000 people use the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) “Find a Health Center” application on the web.  The online HSS application enables patients to find federally funded health centers that allow them to get health care, even if they do not have insurance.

The app is available for iOS 4 devices (iPhone and iPod Touch) and is extremely basic – it finds your location using the iPhone’s native GPS or a user inputted zip code – and then gives you detailed results of health centers near you.

The results show federally funded health centers phone numbers as well as addresses and websites. HHS toutes healthcare centers can do the following in the app’s description:

1. checkups when you’re well
2. treatment when you’re sick
3. complete care when you’re pregnant
4. immunizations and checkups for your children
5. dental care and prescription drugs for your family
6. mental health and substance abuse care if you need it

With a recent Pew study counter intuitively showing mobile health care app usage is skewed to lower socioeconomic classes – this application might actually provide some legitimate functionality.  It’s also nice to see HHS getting actively involved in the mobile health ecosystem with regards to public health information.  HHS has released an application before – AHRQ ePSS – but it was aimed towards health care professionals.

Source: Healthcare.gov

iTunes: Find a Health Center app ; Price – Free