By: Brian Wells, MS-III, MPH, MSM

MD ezLabs is a medical app for referencing normal lab values as well as conditions that change those values. All information is stored on the local device allowing for use even when an internet connection is not available. Updates are handled via the App Store’s normal update process. This software is available free of change.

What I liked about this app:

MD ezLabs presents a similar approach to other lab value software on the iOS platform, albeit at a lower price point. Many lab value programs give the normal ranges for each lab test, but MD ezLabs goes the extra mile and includes a list of differentials for what increases that measurement and what decreases that measurement with each lab value.

The interface is simple and intuitive wherein the lab values are arranged alphabetically with a quick search bar on the right side. There is also a search box at the top of the lab values list for manual entry of search terms. Each lab value provides a link to Google allowing the user quick access to an internet search for related information.

MD ezLabs Image 2.PNG

What I would like to see in future updates:

Lookup is by lab test only. While a list of differential increases and decreases and is provided with each lab value entry, these datasets are not searchable. It would seem the next logical step for this otherwise capable software is to include reverse lookup so that a clinician could lookup, for example, multiple myeloma and quickly see all lab values that are known to be increased or decreased. Additionally, the link list should be expanded to include additional sources such as Bing, Wikipedia and the Merck Manual for Healthcare Professionals.


Overall, this would be a well rated application.  The main issue with it is the application does not have reverse looking of lab changes by condition.

Price: Since the application has been released in the App store it has been free – we’ll to to find out from the developers if they will keep it this way.

iTunes Link for MD ezLabs

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Testing platform: This application was tested on a 32 GB iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0.1. Data access was provided over 802.11n Wi-Fi on a 17 Mbps/1 Mbps connection with a 24 ms ping as measured by (

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