For physicians and other medical professionals who are fans of Apple, MacPractice has been the go to electronic medical record for many.  Because of this, it has been surprising MacPractice has not offered a native iPad solution to their EMR.  To be clear, MacPractice has offered a jerry rigged iPad solution – via a VNC interface.

Having to use a VNC interface to access your electronic medical record is not ideal – essentially, you have to use a VNC app on your iPad that allows you to view what MacPractice looks like on your desktop computer – enabling you to control your desktop. You know the situation is not ideal when the MacPractice website has to have a “Tips and Tricks” section for those trying to use the MacPractice iPad VNC Interface.

As an anecdotal example, at a MacPractice demo I saw at my local Apple Store earlier in the year, many of the medical professionals in attendance who use MacPractice were voicing their issues with a VNC interface to the MacPractice representatives on hand – it appeared to be their number one concern.  Needless to say, MacPractice has finally brought an iPad interface that does not require linking to your desktop computer – and I’m sure health care professionals with iPads who use the EMR are breathing a collective sign of relief.

In addition to the iPad interface, MacPractice has also included ePrescribing within the iPad as well – working in a similar fashion to how ePrescribing performs on the native desktop EMR interface.

The following are just a few of the benefits MacPractice is touting with their iPad EMR interface:

Among the capabilities that come along with the new MacPractice iPad Interface with ePrescribe: doctors can create new patient records in MacPractice from the iPad and post procedures and diagnosis from outside the office or in an exam room, daily practice activity reports can be reviewed easily from outside the office, reminders and notes may be sent between the office staff and the doctor, and email may be sent to patients and referring providers. MacPractice users can also see their office schedule as well as patient photos and demographic information. In addition, doctors and assistants may now review and record patient vital statistics and chronic diagnoses, and review prescription history and allergies when seeing a patient, all on an iPad.

Further Details: MacPractice Press Release