iMedicalApps was graciously sponsored by MedPage Today and Johnson and Johnson to have a presence at BlogWorld 2010’s Social Health Track happening in Las Vegas. The Social Health Track happened yesterday and the following are some key takeaways from the various sessions and the day in general, along with pictures:

*There were many prominent “e-patients” at the event, such as e-patient Dave and Kerri Sparling.  The key learning points from them was understanding how patients are empowering themselves by using social media – such as finding patient communities with those with similar disease pathologies.

*Physicians KevinMD and Bryan Vartabedian from 33 charts were part of a panel discussion on Social Networks and the Medical Blogosphere: Compatible or Competitive?. While the topic was more centered on how physician bloggers are using twitter and Facebook in conjunction with their personal blogs, the key points taken away by me were how these social media platforms are being used by physician practices in general. Bryan mentioned Doximity, an app we recently reviewed, and a host of other social networking tools being targeted at medical professionals.  He went on to explain how a prominent physician with a popular Facebook page is using it to actually recruit patients for clinical trials – we’ll contact him for more details on this particular story.

We’re huge fans of KevinMD and 33charts, and it was great to spend quality time with the personalities behind the high profile sites.  If you haven’t check out their websites before please do, great content by physicians who have a unique understanding of social media and healthcare.  iMedicalApps is still young, we’re about to hit out first birthday, but to be recognized at this level is an honor.  Also, a thanks to MedPage Today’s Rob Stern – a must read medical news site with great content in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Continue on for pictures.