The Chicago Sun Times is reporting on examples of how Apple’s iPad has been adopted by doctors and hospitals in their region.

In this article by health reporter Monifa Thomas, the examples and quotes paint a picture of enthusiastic adoption, that spreads rapidly once the tablet device appears and doctors find that it can be useful for their daily activities.

Examples include a plastic surgeon who uses the iPad to demonstrate to patients what they might look like after breast reconstructive surgery, an emergency room doctor showing patients radiographs of their injuries (photo) and Loyola University Medical Center which has given iPads to all of its orthopedic residents as part of a pilot program.

In at least one hospital, being able to access the hospital electronic health record (EHR) via the iPad was the critical factor.

Once doctors there learned that they could access the hospital’s electronic medical records with the iPad, “it went through here like wildfire,” said Dr. Richard Watson, an emergency room physician at MetroSouth.

The article notes that since patient information is not stored on the device, security and privacy are less of a concern. Check out the original article at: iPad functionality just what doctor ordered

via Cult of Mac