We’ve written before on the advantages of having real time health care data monitoring – such as Wave Technology Group’s collaboration with the University of Chicago Hospital’s Pediatric Epilepsy Center to develop a mobile EEG monitor connected to a patient’s smart phone.

Now, another collaboration between researchers and software professionals has produced a real time monitoring system that can monitor EKG rhythms continuously using an Android phone.  This could clearly have potential to replace the paradigm of using Holter monitors or other more long term cardiac monitoring devices.

Imec and Holst Centre, together with TASS software professionals have developed a mobile heart monitoring system that allows to view your electrocardiogram on an Android mobile phone. The innovation is a low-power interface that transmits signals from a wireless ECG (electrocardiogram or heart monitoring)-sensor system to an android mobile phone.

The newly-developed low-power interface wirelessly transmits bio-signals retrieved by imec and Holst Centre’s Human++ BAN sensor nodes to an Android mobile phone where the data are collected, stored, processed, and sent over the internet to make them available for authorized users such as a physician. The interface is based on a standard Secure Digital Input Output (SDIO) interface on Android mobile phones, enabling the integration of all the features available on Google’s operating system (SMS, e-mail and data transmission over the internet, GPS to track user location).

Source: Science Daily ; Image Credit: Courtesy of Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre (IMEC))