Dr. Sam Friedman, a radiologist and chief technical officer and medical director of nuclear medicine at Pitts Radiology, has done an in depth review of the iPad’s potential for viewing medical imaging in the Imaging & Radiation Oncology Journal.

He looked at five different medical apps: eFilm Mobile, OsiriX, iClarity, MIMvista, and ResolutionMD.

His overall conclusion after using the five radiology viewing medical apps viewing apps was:

The ultimate question is whether the iPad will be useful as a radiology viewer. After much fooling around, I can honestly answer “Maybe” or even “Probably.” With today’s software, the iPad can be a very basic–but very portable–viewer. If that’s as far as we get, I likely wouldn’t go out and buy one just for that purpose. But I think we’re at the very beginning of something revolutionary.

His favorite app out of these five appeared to be ResolutionMD from Calgary Scientific. It’s no coincidence this is also the only app currently approved by Health Canada (our version of the FDA) for diagnostic imaging use by Canadian physicians.

One of our editors, Felasfa Wodajo, a bone and soft tissue tumor surgeon, had similar findings as Dr. Friedman when he reviewed OsiriX for the iPhone last year.

Dr. Friendman’s fantastic review inspires a great deal of hope for the iPad being used to view radiology images – but is also notable for pointing out the lack of iPad radiology viewing apps customized for the iPhone. All the apps used in his review are made to be run on the iPhone’s native screen – not the iPad.

Also, a special thanks to Dr. Friedman for mentioning us in the bibliography for his journal article.

Source: Imaging & Radiation Oncology via Medgadget

[picture from iMedicalApps review of OsiriX on the iPhone]