PerfectServe Clinician

iphone_home.jpgPerfectServe is a medical communication company that provides an automated answering service for physicians and hospitals. For physicians, it allows incoming calls from patients and other clinicians to be routed to various numbers, such as the office, home or cell phone, depending on the physician’s preferences and the time of day.

Compared to a traditional human-powered answering service, it is clearly more economical but it also offers many benefits, such as automated redial of numbers directly from the keypad, masking of your number when returning calls from patients and a log of previous messages.

Now, PerfectServe has released an iPhone app that allows all the above functions but with a much more fluid interface than listening to a series of voice prompts and pressing keys on the phone. Here is the list of features from their website:

  • Contact colleagues directly without referring to phone lists, directories or call schedules [provided your hospital has uploaded it].
  • Tap on a name, and PerfectServe connects you according to the contact preferences established by the recipient for that moment in time
  • Call patients while protecting your caller ID and overcome caller ID block. Your office caller ID is presented to the parties you call, instead of your personal home or cell phone numbers.
  • Change Your On-Call Schedule: Sign on or off call, and change who is covering for your group.
  • Change How You’re Reached: Choose one of the contact processes (e.g., iPhone, home phone, pager).
  • Change Your Status: Automatically trigger a different call routing process based on your status (e.g., “surgery,” “in-hospital,” “with patients”).
  • View History: View your recent calls, voice and text messages, and pages. Return calls from the History screen

I have also been a satisfied customer of PerfectServe for three years . I am particularly looking forward to the option to easily change my status in the OR to “in-surgery”, especially around 4 PM, since there seems to be a natural inclination for patients to dial their doctors immediately after the office is closed. If the video is a fair representation of the app, then many PerfectServe customers have something to which to look forward.