There are a plethora of medication reminder apps in the Apple App Store, along with a few for the Android Marketplace and Blackberry App World.  We haven’t reviewed any medication reminder applications on iMedicalApps – we tend to focus more on applications for health care professionals – but the NY Times has a great article that reviews some of these apps in detail on each of the three main mobile operating system platforms.

As we’ve mentioned before, texting for medication reminders has been shown in some studies to help increase compliance.  By association, one would think these individual mobile apps that send notifications would serve the same purpose.  It would be interesting to see a study done using one of these apps to see if this is in fact true.

Some of the findings by the author posted in his review of the medication reminder apps:

MedsLog ($4): Most features, but user interface can be difficult to use. Connects to your iPhone’s calendar, this can be a good thing if your iPhone’s calendar automatically syncs with your Google Calendar – allowing you to get medication updates on your computer. [iPhone]

Medsy ($2): Great user interface and has the best notifications. Not as full featured as other medication reminder applications and medication regime is not as customizable. [iPhone]

Dosecast ($4): Possibly the favorite of the authors due to the extremely customizable nature of how you can set your medication reminders. [iPhone]

Of note, the author mentions how Blackberry users have limited options, focusing on an app called MediReminder ($3) – available for the Blackberry and Android. It’s the highest rated app, but the rating is based on just a few reviews.

From the apps mentioned in the review, it appears Android users have limited options as well. The author does mention MotionPHR Health Record Manager ($10), available for the Android as well as the iPhone – saying it had a positive history but recently started receiving poor reviews due to flaws in the reminder system.

Source: NY Times