The director of the Louisiana Poison Center, Mark Ryan, is using the iPad to help report cases of Gulf Oil Spill related poisonings to the Public Health Department more quickly.

He is using the app, LogMeIn Ignition, to remotely log into his work PC where he can collaborate with the U.S. Health Department.

Using his iPad, he is able to file reports with the Health Department within 15 minutes of receiving a case.

The iPad allows him to do this type of reporting when he is not at the office, and around the clock.

It’s key to file the reports immediately so the Health Department can monitor trends and respond in a more timely fashion.

The Poison Control Center configured its data collection software, Toxicall, to send an alert to Ryan every time a spill-related case comes in, and he then forwards the case to the Health Department. The Ignition connection satisfies Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements to protect patient confidentiality, allowing Ryan to access cases over a secure channel.

This report underscores the ability to be mobile with the iPad, a functionality often crucial in the public health arena. Duke University has already started a pilot study to see how the iPad can be used in Public Health, but real time reporting of public health issues is something they will hopefully be studying as well.

Source: ComputerWorld