[Update: As we suspected this deal is only good for those who have the iPhone/iPod Touch, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. Those with Android and the Palm-Pre are out of luck since there isn’t a premium version of Epocrates for these phones yet]

Epocrates Essentials, one of the premium versions of the Epocrates we’ve reviewed in the past, is now free for medical students as long as you download and register for it before the end of August.  The website where you can register for the free version is located here.

Epocrates offers 3 premium versions of their software, Rx Pro, Essentials, and Essentials Deluxe.  They are giving away the 2nd version, Essentials, a $159 value.  The only thing the Essentials Deluxe version has on top of the Essentials version is ICD-9 / CPT codes and a medical dictionary – features medical students can get by without.

Epocrates is available for the iPhone/iPod touch, Blackberry, Palm, Android, and Windows Mobile.  But, per their website, the Essentials version of Epocrates is only available for the iPhone/iPod touch, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.  Android and Palm only have the beta version – we’ll look into this further though.

Either way, if you’re a medical student, you should go to the epocrates website where you can register for this free deal as soon as possible – the deal ends August 31st!