As we mentioned before, Epocrates is giving away its premium version, “Epocrates Essentials”, valued at $169, to all U.S. medical students. If you already have Epocrates Essentials, they are extending your subscription by a year.

The only problem with the free one year subscription offer – there is no Epocrates Essentials for the Android or Palm Web OS (Palm-Pre) platforms.

These two platforms only have the free beta version of Epocrates.

With the recent popularity of the HTC Evo and Droid Incredible, there are plenty of medical students who surely feel left out in the cold – especially since the deal is only valid in the month of August, and Epocrates probably won’t roll out with premium versions for the Android or Web OS platforms in the next 11 days.

One of our astute writers, Jason Paluzzi, a proud Android owner, looked into this further and found out how Android and Palm Web OS users can still get in on this deal. Continue on to see what he found.

Below is the response Jason received from Epocrates:

So basically, if you’re an Android or Palm Web OS user, go through with the deal, but pretend as if you’re on another platform.  Once these operating systems are supported by Epocrates, you can switch your subscription to the Android or Palm Web OS platforms.  Unfortunately, the 12 month subscription starts immediately, but these operating systems are going to be supported much sooner than later and you’ll definitely be able to take advantage of the deal.

In talks iMedicalApps has had with Epocrates, they have delivered this same message to us.  Premium versions of Epocrates for Palm WebOS and Android are coming soon.

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