Medtronic, the world’s largest medical technology company, and maker of diabetic pumps and other devices for diabetics, has released an app called “Carb Counting with Lenny”, aimed at the pediatric diabetic population.  One of the toughest things to teach children, usually type 1 diabetics, is how to carb count in order to better manage their diabetes.

Check that, one of the toughest things to teach diabetics in general, including adults, is how to carb count.  For those afflicted with type 1 diabetes – the pediatric population, carb counting is essential.

The app has four different levels, and each level must be passed in order to reach the subsequent level, until you reach the “Build a Meal” level, where you can make a target carb goal and then drag and drop food items until your carb goal is met.

Carb Counting with Lenny also builds in a social networking component, where you can compare your scores with other users and enter competitions to win more prizes.

Although this app is aimed at the pediatric patient population I have to be honest – I definitely did learn from this application, and I’d suggest it to other medical professionals so they can get a better idea of how difficult carb counting is for the diabetic patient population.

As we highlighted in a previous post, hospitals have already started using the iPad to educate the pediatric population on various medical conditions and scenarios.  It would only make sense for this app to be added to these iPad’s, especially when a pediatric patient comes in with a new diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.

One of the best parts about this app is it’s free. Obviously, this is a way for Medtronic to further increase their brand name, but at the same time they provide fantastic functionality and we doubt you’ll see parents who have a diabetic child complaining.

iTunes Link to application. [The app is available for the iPhone and iPad]