Physicians in Victoria, the second most populous state in Australia, will be conducting a pilot program using the iPad for hospital treatment.

They will purchase 500 iPads initially and the total cost of the rollout will be $500,000.  The rollout of the iPads will start January of next year.

“The iPads will allow doctors and nurses to access any web-enabled application run by their hospital as they move around the hospital, as well as allowing them to tap into health information resources,” he said.

“The iPads will connect via the wi-fi networks that allow secure, safe wireless connectivity within the hospital while not affecting other important and sensitive electronic patient care equipment.”

From the quotes it appears the pilot program is interested in seeing how the iPad performs from a mobile medicine standpoint and will rely heavily on web-enabled applications.  We recently had a post touch on how web apps are crucial for mobile medicine by not restricting content to one particular platform.

This $500,000 pilot project should provide some great data to show how effective the iPad actually is in the hospital setting. I’m sure may hospital administrators will be watching how the program unfolds.