Verizon Wireless and Samsung have partnered up to launch the Samsung Haven – a phone clearly designed for an older population.  While some might feel the keyboard on this phone is archaic, to those not as tech savy, it might be a relief from all the crazy touchscreen phones flooding the market.

Whats interesting about this phone, and why it could definitely appeal to senior citizens, is it’s “Life Style Features”.  Some of the following are features of note:

*Fitness trainer that offers 15 unique stretching techniques
*Four different healing music selections to help relieve stress
*Medical information application that lets users make medical notes and stores their information such as allergies and medications

The phone even has a dedicated one-touch quick access to 911 and In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts. The ICE buttons can be customized with up to three contacts that first responders (EMS) can easily find in case of an emergency.

This is definitely a novel way for these mobile companies to reach out to a population that doesn’t necessarily adapt to technology changes quickly. It’ll be interesting to see if mobile health companies try to simplify the delivery of services to senior citizens – after all, they are the population that is set to benefit the most.

The phone will be available July 29th, and will cost $39.99 with a new two-year customer agreement.