As a medical resident, our program uses New Innovations web service to track procedures and duty hours.  If your program happens to use New Innovations, then their recently updated iOS4 app is a must have!

I’m always a fan of any app that going to save me time, money or energy, and this app does two out of the three (not bad for being free).  I’ve been using their GME application for over a year now, however until their most recent update, it only served as a procedure logger, and was fairly limited at that.

There were no options for saving your user name or password, and although it was great to have a quick way to instantly keep track of procedures, I just wasn’t using it every day.

With the roll out of iOS4, many app developers are using the opportunity not only to add new features, but to polish up their apps as well, and this one happens to reap the benefits.

As mentioned above, the application now allows you to track duty hours directly from the phone.  And while I may not have a procedure to track every day, it does feel like I work almost every day, which definitely means I have plentiful opportunities to use the app.

Additionally, the application now allows for user ID and password saving, so I don’t have to re-type my credentials numerous times daily.  With so many user names and passwords I have out there for the various EMRs we use at home and away rotations, one less thing to have to remember and re-type is warmly welcomed (and a time saver).

Navigating through most of the app is very scroll and click friendly, and it works reliably.   If you don’t happen to have internet access, you can still input and save your hours / procedure information, and simply “sync” with the NI servers later.

This app won’t replace using the NI website entirely.  After you sync your data, it disappears from your device, forever residing on NI’s servers.  That means you won’t be able to locally review all of your synced hours or procedures from within the app.  And you don’t have access to any of the other NI features, such as reviewing evaluations or writing evaluations (if your program uses NI for feedback).

Again, the best part of the app is that it replaces the act of taking notes, saving me time and effort.  Whether it was writing or highlighting a patient’s name on a list or even typing a “note” in my phone, now I can skip directly to logging and 60 seconds later I’m done!  All in all, this app update is a welcome addition and gives me another reason to reach for my phone on my walk out after a shift.

New Innovations: iTunes Link