Examiner is reporting the upcoming WebOS tablet will have a capacitive screen that recognizes a digital pen. So what? That’s nothing new. The Pogo Stick on the iPad can do the same thing. However, it appears Palm will be having handwriting recognition built in, thus, building the user interface with the idea of having a digital pen available.

Apple has made it clear they will never build their user interface customized at all for a pen, and they pride themselves on making a device that is made to be used by your hands. But there are lots of healthcare professionals that still prefer to take hand written notes, and to them this feature will be priceless. It’s also a great way for Palm to differentiate themselves from Apple.

“Even though the iPad has done well, there is still a lot of dissatisfaction. It is not good for taking notes and it is not good for watching movies since Apple decided that people would rather have a square screen that was relevant ten years ago,” says Los Angeles industry analyst Paul Mueller. Let’s hope that HP’s new webOS tablet, whatever it ends up being called, will wind up in consumers’ hands soon.

Source: Examiner