It only make sense for mobile health services to get involved with mobile technology. We’ve reported before how health systems are utilizing the iPad itself for its mobile healthcare workers – hospice and home health nurses. Home health services enable patients to get out of the hospital faster – which usually means better outcomes.

Whiteglove House Call Health is another home health service just recently getting into the mobile tech fray:

“WhiteGlove Mobile allows our members to schedule a visit, view their medical history, visit history and membership status — all from their iPhone or iPod Touch,” says Michael Grabert, WhiteGlove’s vice president of software development.

“This is one example of an innovative solution we’ve developed in order to enhance our members’ health care experience.”

We’ve all had patients who weren’t able to be discharged on time – stayed that extra day, and developed a central line infection or worse. Hopefully home health services will continue to utilize mobile technology not only to improve patient care, but to enable patients to get out of the hospital faster with improved home monitoring services.

Source: SanAntonio BizJournals