Jikei University Hospital in Japan has launched an iPhone application designed to assist diagnosing stroke symptoms in patients. The system sends CT images of brain aneurysm patients to doctors’ iPhones so decisions for surgery can be made quickly. The hospital is partnering with Fujifilm Corp. to develop similar systems for other hospitals. [Daily Yomiuri Online]


Other doctors use their iPhones when making house calls, remotely accessing patients’ medical records database and sending patient photos back for inclusion into their records.

“Surprisingly, compared with other professionals, medical practitioners lag in their use of IT tools.”

Prof. Hiroshi Mizushima, a medical informatics expert at Tokyo Medical and Dental University was quoted as saying.

We agree that smartphones are an excellent tool to share imaging results. Having access to graphical results is an a natural fit for a medical smartphone applications, even more than access to large volumes of textual data, especially with high resolution touch screens and pinch-to-zoom functionality.

Source:daily yomiuri online