Dr. Edward Bender of Missouri has released five iPhone apps, all designed to assist patients and surgeons contemplating cardiac and thoracic procedures. His newest iPhone app, CTSNetWiki, gathers data from all the major cardiothoracic societies to allow patients and doctors to compute the risk of various heart surgeries.

In this interview with the South East Missourian, Dr. Bender remarked

If I’m talking to a patient and they want to know their chances of [surgical] complications, I can just whip this out and tell you how your case compares to the other four million in the database.

Dr. Bender said he’s working on a grant application to help with funding and to expand the business. While many app developers seek clinicians to help identify worthwhile clinical projects, there is a unique advantage to a physician who can play both roles. We look forward to seeing what Dr. Bender dreams of next. [St. Louis Business Journal]