AMN recently did a feature on three physician developers who have created innovative medical mobile tools for the iPhone. The three physicians mentioned: Dr. Pieter Kubben – developer of Neuromind, Dr. Pascal Pfiffner – developer of Eponyms, and Dr. Gregory Moore – developer of iPregnancy.

The article goes on to talk about how these three physicians have navigated the mobile medical landscape, and used their clinical skills to develop successful apps. We actually did an interview with Dr. Kubben awhile back – who is a neurosurgery resident, and we’re definitely huge fans of his work.  In our interview we talked about his catalog of free apps and the inspiration behind his work.

It’s great to see medical professionals taking their clinical skills into the mobile medical world and being successful as developers.  By the way, Eponyms and Neuromind made our top 10 free medical apps list.

Source: American Medical News