The Lincoln Journal Star, in Nebraska, has a great story on how all of their ambulances and firetrucks are using new mobile technology to send EKG readings from the ambulances directly to cardiologists for patients who could be having a heart attack.

“If we can get our patients to the cath lab, and get the clogged arteries to open up, and get the blood flowing before the heart is damaged, we’re minimizing the injury,” said Dr. Terry Rounsborg, medical director of emergency services at Saint Elizabeth and director of Emergency Medical Services. “There’s only so much time to open those blood vessels before permanent damage sets in.”

This isn’t new, many EMS services across the US are starting to implement this technology in conjunction with local hospitals, but the article does a great job of showing how this tech works and the benefits available. When treating patients with potential MIs, everyone knows time is critical and has a huge affect on the type of care patients will receive.

Source: Lincoln Journal Star