produces several highly designed mobile applications for real time off-site monitoring of patients. It started with Airstrip OB, which allowed real-time fetal heartbeat monitoring on the iPhone. This remarkable app (iTunes) has two components, a server component installed by the hospital that can interface with the majority of hospital monitoring systems, and apps deployed to physicians’ iPhones. The hospital pays for the server unit, the apps are free. Airstrip technologies was  previously highlighted on this site (video).

From the press release:

With FDA clearance in place, AirStrip now extends its virtual real time remote patient monitoring technology to a broad array of acute patient clinical settings, which include the intensive care unit, the emergency department, the operating room, the neonatal ICU, and virtually any other care environment.

Since initially developing Airstrip OB, the company has refined a technology infrastructure for real time communication that it calls the “Airstrip OBSERVER Suite™” that allows it to more easily expand into other sectors and multiple mobile platforms.

The next generation, Airstrip Critical Care, was highlighted during Steve Jobs’ WWDC keynote in 2009. It allows monitoring of ventilator flow tracings, patient vital signs data and rhythm strips. Seeing a demo of real-time monitoring of patients’ EKG rhythms on that stage was really quite memorable and we are looking forward to seeing this exciting technology getting into the hands of working physicians.