Air Strip OB, an iPhone app allowing obstetricians to view real time critical information about labor and delivery, such as fetal heart rates, toco, vital signs, and other key information, received a good deal of publicity on it’s launch.  It’s safe to say the app’s functionality is being implemented in many hospitals – as this recent report from a dallas TV station shows.

“I was obsessive compulsive before I had it, and I’m even more obsessive compulsive after I have it because it’s real time, and I’m on it,” said Dr. Joseph Carlos, an OB/GYN at Medical City in Dallas.

In Carlos’ palm lies a list with every expectant mother who could give birth at any time. He uses this to reassure the soon-to-be mothers: No matter where the doctor is, he will always have his eyes on the labor progres

AirStip Technologies is currently working on an app called AirStrip Critical Care and Cardiology, a real time ICU monitoring app – and are moving towards getting FDA approval for it. When we covered HIMSS 2010, AirStrip gave us a video preview of this soon to be released app, which we’ve inserted above.