We reported a few months ago, before the release of the iPad, on rumors that the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles had been given the “next Apple Tablet” to experiment with in the hospital. At the time even the Washington Post was speculating on these rumors.

An article in USA Today detailing the multipurpose uses of the iPad is shedding some new light on the Cedars-Sinai and Apple relationship. The hospital is currently experimenting with the iPad’s ability to enhance the physician patient relationship – and twelve iPads are currently being used in the wards to make rounds with physicians.

Darren Dworkin, the hospital’s chief information officer had the following informative quotes in the article:

“It won’t magically solve all our issues, because medical data-entry will still require a computer (and keyboard), but the iPad could be the next evolution in sharing information with patients”

“We’re eager to make the evolutionary step from doctors entering information with their backs to patients to holding a screen that they can then turn around and share,” he says. “It’s early stages yet, but there’s great potential.”

Cedars-Sinai isn’t the only hospital actively experimenting with the iPad’s potential uses – another California hospital has ordered 100 iPads for their hospital. Whats interesting about Cedars-Sinai is they might have been the first hospital to experiment with the iPad, potentially before it was even released – and according to their CIO, there is tempered excitement on the results.