One of the new segments we’re starting on the site is mentioning iPhone and iPad medical applications that were released during the past week that are worth checking out.

We haven’t reviewed these apps in depth – unlike the medical apps you’ll find on our app review section – but  you might find them worthy of a download.

iPad Medical Apps:

There aren’t any new notable medical apps for the iPad that were released this past week that stand out.  However, there is some exciting news.  More and more iPhone medical apps are being ported over to the iPad.  The following are medical apps of note that have been converted to the iPad format this past week.

Med Mnemonics:

We reviewed this app last year were huge fans.  You can personalize and edit the mnemonics, and the app comes with over 1400 of them.  This app is great to use while you’re studying Step 1 and Step 2.  It would have been nice to see the iPad version of this app use the double panel system so you could scroll through the mnemonics while keeping the current mnemonic you’re viewing open.  If you have the iPhone version then good news – the iPad update is a free download – If you are new to the app, it’s still relatively cheap at $1.99.

iTunes Link

Price: $1.99


This is another app we reviewed last year, and as Med Mnemonics above, we liked it.  It was free for a time period, but is still cheap at $0.99 currently.  The iPad version of this app is done nicely.  The wikipedia integration is fantastic, as you can see from the screen shot of this app.  Wikipedia opens within the medical abbreviation you’ve selected, giving you a preview of the page – and you can view content through this window – pretty cool.

iTunes Link

Price: $0.99


Skyscape has ported over their base application to the iPad – and we talked about the iPad version of Skyscape in a recent post.  The extra space available with the iPad version is great for viewing graphs and tables that were hard to view on the iPhone screen.  Lexi-Comp was the first major medical reference app maker to take the leap towards the iPad, and now Skyscape has followed suit.

iTunes Link

iPhone Medical Apps:

Skyscape – AJCC Cancer Staging Handbook

This is an app for health care professionals and researchers in oncology.  The app is the “iPhone version” of the actual handbook. From what I’ve read online, this manual is fantastic for cancer staging and is great for conferences or  tumor board.  It’s priced at $69.99 by Skyscape in the App Store – yet the pocket sized textbook is currently 
$35.06 on – makes me think its better to go with Amazon on this one.

iTunes Link

Price: $69.99

2010 ACOG’s 58th Annual Clinical Meeting eGuide

If you’re currently at the ACOG (The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) meeting – happening now – May 15th – May 19th – you should download this free app as soon as possible.  I’m a bit surprised they released it so late, May 12th.  This e-guide is powered by Skyscape and is aimed at helping you organize all the events you can attend at ACOG.

iTunes Link

Price: Free

Robbins Pathology Flash Cards

These pathology cards are aimed to help you with Step 2 studying, and contain 700 high yield cases.  I’m definitely a fan of Robbins pathology cards, and used them throughout med school.  These flash cards have a question format as well that’s conducive for studying.  Plus, if you get the actual flash cards via Amazon, the price is $31.45, about the same price as the app, so you don’t feel like you’re overpaying.

iTunes Link

Price: $34.99

As always, if you’ve already downloaded one of these apps, let the rest of the medical community know how they have worked for you by commenting on them below.