A Surgeon is already finding uses for his iPad in the OR.

“Look, I’m looking at a spine here and I can zoom in to where the disc is herniated. I can pull it up and exactly measure what the canal size is, for herniation at,” Palma said.

The story is being reported by WMBFnew.com, an NBC news affiliate, about Dr. Claudio Palma.

Dr. Palma could be using one of the DICOM apps to view the images on his iPad, possibly OsiriX.

Pretty soon he’ll be able to use Dragon Mobile Dictate to transcribe his surgeries right after he’s done.  It’s interesting to see how early adaptors of the iPad in healthcare continue to make use of the versatile device.

Other news: Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School have received a $15 million dollar grant for health information technology – the grant is for a four year project to create an “iPhone-like” health IT application.  They hope to create an “iTunes App Store for health”.