At iMedicalApps, we’ve been keeping a close watch on MDiTV ever since they reached out to inform us about their site. MDiTV is a streaming video site featuring medical content.  The above video shows some of the capabilities of the site, and what they are trying to accomplish.  From the videos we’ve seen so far, this site holds huge promise at reaching out to not only medical professionals, but patients, in an innovative fashion.

The site has some legitimate backing as well, and is hosted by former CNN anchors Andrew Holtz and Cathy Marshall. MDiTV was founded by Robert Lazzara, a cardiac surgeon.  He hopes the site will present content similar to how ESPN shows sporting news, fun and exciting – and this would be a huge departure from the type of content most medical professionals are used to.  There is an iPhone and iPad app in the works as well: 


MDiTV also hopes to premiere live surgeries through partnerships with “founding member hospitals,” and will broadcast medical meetings live, according to Lazzara….
….A mobile application is currently in development with Apple, and will enable iPhone and iPad users to access the network’s programming, and tune in for live events or watch them on demand. For now, videos are linked to YouTube for mobile viewers.

Watching surgeries and other medical content from the comfort of the iPad alone would make the experience of medical education more interesting, and dare we say, “cool?”.

Sources: Medical Marketing and Media