The iPad has been out for almost a month and we now have the first electronic medical record app customized to take advantage of its features. The Dr. Chrono EMR app is the first of its kind to hit the scenes. Technically, MacPractice has already put their electronic medical record on the iPad, but you need a VNC connection, and they don’t have a customized iPad app yet.

The Dr. Chrono EMR app enables you to sync your iPad with the online practice management platform provided on the Dr. Chrono website. The electronic health record produced by Dr. Chrono is intended for smaller practices, similar to the model Epocrates is takings with it EHR. On initial impressions, the app definitely has potential, but you can tell there are kinks that need to be worked out.

One of those kinks happens when you’re trying to open up the app. When you try to open up the app from landscape mode, you get a blank screen and the app closes out abruptly and you’re back on the home screen of your iPad. In order to open the app, you need to be in portait mode – which shouldn’t be a necessary requirement when using an application.

Once opened, you have three options. Buy the app, request a free trial, or you can view the application with sample data containing fake patients. These samples definitely give hints of impressive features the application possesses, such as dictation within the patient file to optimized billing and coding.

Once we get our hands on an actual review application we’ll let you know.  Until then, we’ve included some screen shots of this EHR app doing a soap note, scheduling a follow up, and more.