Canadian doctors can now use the iPhone medical app, ResolutionMD Mobile, for diagnostic purposes.  This is a huge step in legitimizing the use of mobile technology to make diagnostic recommendations.  Canadian healthcare providers can use the app for 2D, 3D and MIP/MRP viewing of CT and MR imaging.  Ross Mitchell, a professor in the radiology department at the University of Calgarys faculty of medicine, has been working on this app for years and has spent significant time fine tuning the product by gaining input from fellow physicians. But Mitchell doesn’t want to stop with just the iPhone.

He is hoping to bring the application to the iPad, and is currently testing the platform. With the larger screen of the iPad, this makes natural sense. The efficacy of this application has been tested by Mitchell:

We did a stroke trial … and compared performance of radiologists reading on the iPhone to the standard clinical reading work station and the performance was identical, said Mitchell. They performed just as well in this tough diagnostic task.

This isn’t the first time a study has been done to see how effective mobile diagnostic imagining is on the iPhone. Last year, we reported how OsiriX was used in a study to accurately diagnose acute appendicitis.

The ResolutionMD Mobile app is also being tested in the US in a few different hospital systems, the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, among others.

The FDA recently made a big splash by giving Proteus Biomedical’s wireless, adhesive sensor technology Raisin, FDA approval, and Mitchell is hoping his mobile diagnostic software will meet a similar fate.  FDA approval is currently pending, but with Health Canada granting clearance to Canadian physicians, we hope the FDA isn’t far behind.

Source: Calgary Herald