The Apple iPad is set to launch, and right now, most of the early reviews of the product have been positive.  The NY Times has a fantastic piece looking at the iPad from two angles – An everyday user verse a more technically inclined user, and both have differing opinions on the eventual success of the iPad.

But what about a medical professional or a medical student.  From the reviews I’ve read so far, the screen is gorgeous and easy to read, further giving traction to the idea of medical e-books or radiology viewing on the iPad.  We’ve also made clear that handwriting software for the iPad is a necessity if broad implementation in the medical field is a goal.

We’ll be getting our hands on an iPad soon so we can show you how some of our favorite iPhone medical apps perform on the new platform.

Until then, we’d like to hear from you.  Will you be buying the iPad, why or why not? What additional features do you want to see on the iPad – and do you think it can help with medical education or enhance the patient physician relationship?