We have updated this list — We now have a top 15 free android medical apps list that we encourage our readers to view.

Please click here to access the Top 15 free android medical apps list.

Health care professionals and students using Android are probably wondering what Android apps may be helpful in the health care setting.

Android developers continue to add more apps to the Market that relate to health and medical practice.  While the field of apps relevant to health care professionals on Android lags far behind the iPhone OS platform, there are several apps worth noting.

Here, we look at some of the more useful medical apps for clinicians, and list a few apps for patients as well.

The fact that we chose a “Top 5” (and not “Top 10”), indicates just how limited the Android Market currently is for medical apps.

(1) Epocrates

It is hard to believe that an app as useful and effective as Epocrates is available for free.  See our extended review for Android here.

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