Today Kaplan Publishing and ScrollMotion announced they will be bringing an extensive suite of USMLE and MCAT apps to the iPhone, with hints of a broader use for the iPad.  Currently Kaplan has some USMLE apps already in the App Store, such as the USMLE Disease Deck, an app we weren’t too impressed with.

However, these apps seem poised to bring a different user experience to medical and premed students because of their new partnership.  This partnership with ScrollMotion, the maker of the popular Iceberg e-book reader, seems like a smart idea – and some of the following mentioned features leave room for excitement.

Features built into the new textbook apps include:

*Highlight Text: Students can mark text to organize their study with six different color tags.

*Record Audio Notes or Take Printed Notes: Using the device’s built-in audio recorder, students can take audio notes in addition to typing notes within the app.

*Search Text: Filtered by subject, topic, or content type – including key concepts, margin notes, and practice questions – the application’s search function has made the index a thing of the past.

*Interactive Quizzes: Students can track quiz scores by right and wrong answers so they can make comparisons each time they take a quiz to see where they are improving and learn the correct answers.

*Video: The MCAT application contains fourteen 5-7 minute videos to complement the text.

The following are the Titles for the soon to be released apps.  The titles can be purchased separately for $29.99 each, or in packages.  The USMLE package will cost $219.99 and the MCAT package will cost $129.99.  No word yet if they will give a discount to premed and med students who are enrolled in MCAT or USMLE step 1 classes.


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The USMLE Step 1 Qbook is the most exciting e-book app mentioned, and could end up being a “must have” for med students on their iPhone or iPad.  But while these apps will be extremely beneficial to Premed students, I think its fair to say med students are still waiting on a legitimate Kaplan or USMLE World Q-bank for Step 1 studying.  Nonetheless, these apps will bring a level of functionality not seem before in study apps, and I can’t wait to see them on the iPad.