Epocrates Essentials – $159 per year – Key Features:
  • Includes all of the above features PLUS:
  • Disease Monographs – Pertinent information about the pathology in question, along with diagnosing and treatment options.  In this example, I used hypertension.
    IMG_4404 IMG_4405

  • Per Epocrates, the information is peer-reviewed in collaboration with the British Medical Journal.  From what I read, information was up to date with current guidelines.  The correct JNC protocol was mentioned, with proper anti-hypertensive drug combination treatments.
    IMG_4406 IMG_4407

  • High Resolution disease images – This section is useful for dermatology conditions, but many pathologies don’t contain pictures and if they do, only a few are provided.  Also, images are pulled from an outside server, and if you don’t have a dedicated internet connection you won’t be able to access them.
    IMG_4414 IMG_4410

  • Hundreds of diagnostic and laboratory tests – We’ve reviewed other medical lab test applications in the App Store – but this portion of Epocrates is at a completely different level than anything we reviewed.  In this example I use the ACTH stimulation test.  Along with the obvious reference range, I’m given an interpretation with possibly pathologies, and also follow up tests to order if I suspect a particular pathology. ICD-9 billing codes are listed at the end
    IMG_4412 IMG_4411