Last week we did a feature review of the iRadiology App, a recently released free radiology learning tool.  I thought it was a must have medical application for medical students and residents.  The application provides over 500 radiology cases explained in detail.  I had a quick Q&A with Dr. Lieberman to discuss the direction of this great learning tool and whether or not it will remain free. 

iMedical Apps: What was the inspiration of the app?

Dr. Lieberman: I have been a director of medical education for radiology at Harvard Medical School for 26 years and have dedicated my career to teaching, which has been very fulfilling. I have developed a number of different web-based learning programs, which can be accessed for no charge on my Lieberman’s eRadiology website at   This app is an extension of one of the programs I offer online.

iMedical Apps: How long did it take to develop iRadiology?

Dr. Lieberman: The app is based on Lieberman’s Classics Collection in Radiology, available at which has taken two years to develop and is continuously being expanded – we are adding an extensive cardiovascular section with CT and MRI multiplanar imaging this month.

iMedical Apps: Will the app stay free in the app store?

Dr. Lieberman: Our hope is to keep the app free in the app



A special thanks to Dr. Lieberman for providing such a great resource for those learning how to read various imaging.  We look forward to seeing the additions to the application and I encourage everyone to use the online resources Dr. Lieberman mentioned as well.  I wish I had known about this earlier in my clinical years and it’s definitely a source I’ll use for residency. 

Link to the full review of the iRadiology medical app, available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.