Free medical applications for the iPhone are being released on a daily basis, but not all of them are useful.  This isn’t a surprise since they are after all free to download.  However, there are definitely some free medical applications worth downloading.

This will be a regular column on, where we will periodically post commentary on recently released free medical apps that are actually useful from a physician, medical student, or any other healthcare providers’ perspective.

In this post I’ll focus on three free medical applications related to the following: clinical trials, Framingham scale, and a radiology teaching app.

STAT Framingham Heart Age

We all know how the Framingham scale is a crucial tool for primary care physicians when trying to calculate morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular risk factors for patients.  Although there are other medical calculator apps that provide this for free as well, such as MedCalc, this app is simple to use and does the job quicker. You’ll see advertisements on the second page of this app, but it doesn’t hinder the functionality at all.  This app is quick as well, enabling you to show patients how much of an effect certain risk factors have while you’re sitting next to them.

App Links: iTunes, Website

Drug Trials

I’ll go ahead and say this medical app is a must download if you use to pull information about drug trials for your patients.  This app actually deserves a more full review, one we’ll try to get out soon.  It’s packed with features such as eligibility criteria, e-mail out functionality, and even pulling up google maps on your phone to show the location of the trial! We’ve reviewed another similar type of app awhile back, Clinical Trials, and when it comes to searching for drug trials, this app is just as good or slightly better.  Unlike Clinical Trials($7.99) though, this one is free.

App Links: iTunes, Website

MSK Radiology Teaching File – LITE

This is the lite version of’s Radiology Teaching Files: Volume 3, an app designed to teach radiology.  Although this is a lite version, I was surprised to find out how much information it packs, 10 full cases.  This lite version comes included with some relatively common pathologies and even though its free, you could definitely get some good learning accomplished if you’re a resident or a medical student.  There are other LITE versions of’s content, and each of these files contains 10 cases also.  Usually I wouldn’t include a LITE version of an application in this list of free medical apps, but this app had plenty of content.

App Links: iTunes, Website

Note: At the time of this post these applications were free, this can obviously change over time.  If you’ve got some free medical apps you love to use, make sure to comment and let the community know.