I’ve been sent multiple emails from friends and our readers about the iStetho Adaptor and iStethoscope Pro App combination for the iPhone.  I saw this coming a few weeks ago in a prior post, but through a different avenue.  In that post I thought the iPhone to stethoscope connection would first happen via a bluetooth stethoscope. I must say though, this is definitely a really innovative way to connect the basic stethoscope and the iPhone.  However, unlike what other tech sites are saying, it should be noted this isn’t really a direct linkage of the iPhone and stethoscope.  You’ll see what I mean when you read the full post.  Below is a website clipping from the makers of the iStetho Adaptor.


Continue on to see a video of the iStethoscope Pro App being used and more pictures of the iStetho iPhone holder device.

The iStetho Adaptor connect to the bottom of your iPhone.  It appears the device does not directly connect to the iPhone from a software perspective, it connects to the pins only to hold the adaptor in place.  According to the website, the device creates a tight “sound proof channel for analog audio to be converted by your mobile devices microphone”.  Basically, the device uses the stethoscope to amplify what it hears, delivering more sound to the microphone of the iPhone.  The device can be used in conjunction with the app, iStethoscope Pro, to enhance the microphone audio even more.  A video of the iStethoscope Pro app being used is below.  This video does not show the app being used with the iStetho device.

On the right you can see a more detailed image of the adaptor from the companies website.  RidRx is also offering stethoscopes made for the iStetho holder device.  Unfortunately, they don’t have too much detail on the types of stethoscopes offered.

adaptor1Being able to listen to heart auscultations on your iPhone is definitely a big deal, and could have many benefits.  The only problem is this device does not directly connect to the iPhone, it essentially makes the microphone significantly stronger.  So, does this device change the game? Not really.  But is it really cool and super innovative? Definitely.  I still think the first academically accepted stethoscope to iPhone connection will come in the form of the Bluetooth stethoscope I talked about in one of my prior posts. Until then, I’m going to try to get my hands on this device because it’s cool factor is off the charts.