We’re currently experiencing some issues with the links on the site.  We’re working on this and will have everything fixed by this afternoon.  Until then if you’re looking for a specific review, please use the search function.  The original review is still there.  Sorry about the inconvenience!

As you can see, we’ve now officially linked the old site, iphonemedicalappreview.com to the new site, iMedicalApps.com.  In that transition we had some issues with our links, which we’re working on.  These are the growing pains of a new site, not made easy with the fact that we all have our own clinic, class, and OR schedules to follow. But we’re working on it and look forward to keep improving the site!

-iMedical Apps Team

UPDATE: All the links are operational now. Sorry for the brief inconvenience! If you find any issues feel free to contact us!