To our readers-

1) Just wanted everyone to know we’re working with the theiphoneappreview site to bring some of our older content to a bigger audience. They will be re-posting some of our older posts, if you click on over to their site you’ll see what I mean. We encourage our readers to check out their site for all your non-medically related app reviews/news. They have some great reviews and they periodically give away promo codes for apps on their site as well.

2) Tomorrow we’re coming out with our review of Modality’s Procedure Consult: Internal Medicine App (iTunes link). We’re really excited about the app and when I’ve let colleagues play around with it and they have had some interesting responses. It’s generating the same type of buzz that came with the Blausen Human Atlas App. Check back here tomorrow to see what the hype is all about.

3) The wrong batch of pictures got uploaded in our last review, for iAnatomy, the issue has been fixed. There is an explanation of the oversight mentioned as an addendum to the review. Thanks to our readers for catching that!

-iMedical Apps Team