Hey everyone. First, we wanted to apologize for the lack of rapid updates to the site. Usually we like to get 3 to 4 reviews up per week. Unfortunately, we’ve both been extremely busy with our schedules and unable to post as frequently as we’d like to. Thankfully our guest contributors to the site have done an excellent job on providing some great material.

However, our schedules are clearing up in the next few days, so there will be a lot of activity on this site over the next few weeks. We’ve got a bunch of apps waiting to be reviewed, so look out. Some of the new things to look for:

1) A new top 10 medical apps list. Our current list has gotten outdated.

2) Two different top 5 medical app lists, one for free apps, and the other for paid apps.

3) Categories of Medical Apps. We’ll start dividing our reviews into specific categories, such as Imaging Apps, Anatomy Apps, etc.

4) We’ve done this before, but we’ll integrate more healthcare apps into the site. Such as our "Healthcare App for your patients" column we tried out some time ago.

5) We’re planning on doing a major face lift to the site in the next month or so. We’ve outgrown our current format and want to provide a cleaner interface.

We’d also like to thank everyone for supporting and visiting the site. We’ve been taken aback from the number of hits we get, our traffic over the last few months has substantially increased and we look forward to improving the site for everyone. Again, if you’d like to be a guest contributor please refer to this post. If you have some suggestions, always feel free to email us or continue on to leave us a comment on this post. Remember to follow us on twitter as well.

-iMedical Apps Team